What is Stressage Therapy?

    Stressage Therapy is a new approach  of therapeutic treatment that is delivered to you to help relieve muscle aches, increase joint range of motion , and get you back to doing all of your normal daily life activities PAIN-FREE. It is a combination of your choice of massage and a unique one of a kind active assisted stretch focused on retraining our bodies ”Myotatic Reflex". 



Stretching Vs Massage?



    Many people believe that when it comes to Stretching and Massage that one is better than the other, where in fact they complement each other greatly in most cases. Stretching is a very under rated and underused modality that a lot of people don’t realize will help with Longevity and Injury Prevention. Stretching keeps muscles flexible and youthful allowing relief of discomfort in arthritic joints. Combining stretch with massage on a regular basis helps support the release of accumulated lactic acid that may be causing your muscles to be sore and tense post workout or after a long strenuous day. They're both also a great way to increase blood circulation in the body which is extremely important to individuals who experience; High Blood Pressure, Numbness, Vertigo/Dizziness, Cramps, Etc. (*If you are experiencing any of the above you should ALWAYS consult your Doctor first before receiving treatment.)

What Is The Myotatic Reflex?



 The Myotatic reflex, also known as the "Stretch Reflex", is the automatic response within the body to a stretch stimulus. When a muscle is stretched to a certain length the spinal cord receives a signal to contract the muscle to protect it from injury. On account of the signal only having to go to the spinal cord rather than to the brain and back the impulse is very rapid and involuntary. Stressage Therapy literally helps retrain your body to avoid that impulse and by doing so research shows a muscle is able to lengthen to nearly two times it normal resting length. 



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